Requiza is a poultry business located in pangasinan.

Requiza is using advance type of broiler from its facility with aircon to feeding and distribution of water.



A leap to a sustainable chicken supply to Filipinos and business opportunity to Growers and Investors.

Mission and Vision, Business Context, Project Setting, Requiza Business Type, Income Potential, Business Competition, Strategic Site, Expertise, Manpower, Partnership, Bank Amortization, Seed Fund Flow, Bank Release Schedule, Total Project Cost, Income for 6 Blgs, Harvest Reward every 60 days.

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Per chic head is 100 pesos. Minimum capital is 35 x 100 = 3500.

5000 heads or 500k every purchase

50% profit plus your purchase capital will be return after 60 days.

Yes you have! It will depend on your purchase capital. If your purchase capital is below 100k you will get 5% bonus from his/her purchase capital. If your purchase capital is 100k above you will get 8% bonus.

Yes, by schedule!